Thousands of children around the world wait for a family of their own.

HOPE can provide the required adoptive home study to Minnesota and western Wisconsin families looking to adopt internationally. We have a direct Philippines adoption program, as well as collaborative relationships with U.S.-based international agencies and their country programs. These agencies already have established programs and connections in other countries.

We coordinate as partners, with HOPE on the "home base" side of the process (completing your home study and post-placement services), while the international agency of your choice works on the "child-finding" portion.

We have helped families adopt children from 54 different countries! Last year, HOPE children arrived home from the Philippines, Korea, Ethiopia, Nigeria and China. 


We have collaborative relationships with:

 Holt International Children’s Services

World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)

We can refer you to families who have adopted through these and other intermediary international agencies and your social worker can help direct you to the collaborative international agency that best fits your needs.

If you already have a connection to a child in another country, you should secure the services of someone in the child’s country of origin who is knowledgeable about the country's requirements for overseas adoption.


Most children adopted internationally will be over the age of 2. Wait times vary depending on country and what, if any, special needs the adoptive parents feel prepared to take on.

International adoption, on average, is about $15-20,000, including travel costs. If you live in Minnesota or western Wisconsin and HOPE is providing your home study, you will pay our base home study fees, found on our Request for Services application. Your program fees will be dependent on which collaborative international agency you choose.

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Learn more about this program by attending an HOPE General Program Orientation, upcoming dates.

To apply or view more information on fees, see our Request for Services.

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